Immuno-Oncology Xchange EAST COAST 2018


Titles and Bullets
9:00am – 10:00am

Developing predictive biomarkers for immunotherapies to identify mechanisms of resistance
  • Clinically relevant model systems assays to predict biomarkers of resistance and activity
  • Patient selection biomarkers and stratification to enhance clinical benefit
  • Understanding failure of response to PD1 treatment to enable viable combinations

Senior Director, Head of Translational Research, Immuno-Oncology R&D

10:30am – 11:30am

Can proteomics enable immuno-oncology biomarker discovery?
  • The use of Thermal Proteome Profiling to map cellular pathways
  • Direct and indirect target engagement quantification
  • Predictive biomarker identification and validation.

Chief Executive Officer
Pelago Bioscience

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Bridging the knowledge gap between real-world adaptation of I-O treatments and reliable biomarkers to ensure safe and effective use of this therapy class
  • Potential value of biomarkers for different purposes in I-O
  • Proper identification and qualification of biomarkers in I-O
  • Where is the gap, using PD-L1 as an example, and how can it be filled?

Vice President, Translational Medicine, Biomarkers & Diagnostics
Celldex Therapeutics

3:15pm – 4:15pm

Identifying and validating predictive biomarkers for combined immunotherapy and targeted therapy
  • How do targeted proteomic biomarkers of treatment efficacy tell us what genetics alone cannot?
  • How can we develop fast high-specificity diagnostic assays for protein drug targets?
  • How can we use multiplexed pathway-driven proteomics and metabolomics panels to identify treatment targets and mechanisms of resistance?
  • How does reproducible protein quantitation, with isoform and phosphorylation information, help avoid validation pitfalls?
  • How do we gain insight by going beyond cytokine levels?

Chief Scientific Officer,
MRM Proteomics

4:20pm – 5:20pm

Challenges and opportunities for pharmacodynamic biomarkers in IO to help inform clinical dosing decisions
  • How to tackle a 10x problem – identifying biomarkers for response
  • Microbiome Yes / No, when and how
  • Tumor-based markers: TILs, mutational load, T-cell repertoire
  • Biomarkers for toxicity?
  • Interaction tumor and microenvironment

Vice President, Head Early Development, Strategy & Innovation,


Immuno-Oncology Xchange | East Coast 2018