San Francisco
September 27, 2023

Welcome to hubXchange’s CNS Therapeutics Xchange West Coast 2023, bringing together executives from pharma and biotech to address and find solutions to the key issues faced in developing CNS therapies.

Discussion topics will cover Novel Targets, Preclinical, Clinical Studies and Drug Delivery.

Take advantage of this unique highly interactive meeting format designed for maximum engagement, collaboration and networking with your peers.

Please note this is an In-Person meeting. 

VENUE DETAILS: DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport, 835 Airport Blvd, Burlingame CA 94010-9949


  • Novel therapies for complex neurological disorders: discovery of effective treatments
  • Oligonucleotides targeting microRNA: opportunities and challenges
  • Methods to increase the success rates of drugs entering clinical phases
  • Novel strategies for reverse translation of temporal biomarkers for CNS drug development
  • Fluid and digital biomarkers in neurodegenerative disorders
  • Utilizing clinical biomarkers to enhance drug development in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Transcytosis-mediated brain delivery for proteins, antibodies, oligonucleotides, and small molecules
  • How AI can improve drug discovery

Full Xchange Agenda

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Novel Targets

Titles and Bullets
08:00 – 08:30
08:30 – 09:00

Opening Address & Keynote Presentation by Axol Bioscience
Using Human iPSCs to Build a Clinical Trial in a Dish for Alzheimer’s Patient Stratification

At Axol Bioscience, we use human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to build
better human disease models to support the drug discovery journey. With a specific interest in neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and ALS, we have created in vitro models which act as human-like assay platforms for compound screening. Now with access to >100 donated samples from sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease patients, we’ve building towards a vision of bringing a new tool to patient stratification, with the aim of de-risking clinical trial selection and bolstering trial success.

Chief Scientific Officer, Axol Bioscience

Ashley has over 30 years experience in drug discovery with the last 7 years focused on using iPSCs. Prior to this Ashley was at GlaxoSmithKline for 20 years where he led projects and teams across a range of diseases including Respiratory and Neuroscience.

Ashley BarnersEdited
9:05 – 10:05

Pills don’t teach skills – The promise of tech-augmented drug therapies for CNS

  • What are tech-augmented drug therapies and why should I care?
  • What is the value to biopharma and what are some examples?
  • What are key considerations in developing a Rx-DTx therapy?  What are the known knowns, known unknowns and, likely, unknown unknowns?

Managing Partner, Redwood Group

Mikael Eliasson, MD, Ph.D., is an experienced healthcare innovator with a track record of transforming ideas into billion-dollar businesses in biotech, meditech, and diagnostics. He uses his in-depth expertise in both R&D and commercial to be an “innovation broker” that fosters interaction between ideas and people.  

He has spearheaded technology integration into CNS drug development at Big Pharma and start-ups, incl. initiatives involving machine learning, digital therapeutics, and decentralized trials. At Roche, he created their first tech-augmented therapies for autism, and a rare neuromuscular disease.

Mikael trained as a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist before switching to venture capital and later industry.  

Mikael Eliasson
10:10 – 10:40
1-2-1 Meetings/Networking Break
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Morning Refreshments
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Networking Lunch

13:20 – 13:50

Spotlight Presentation by Invicro

Use of Molecular and Functional Imaging to Derisk Early Phase Drug Development

13:55 – 14:25
1-2-1 Meetings / Networking Break
14:25 – 14:55
1-2-1 Meetings / Networking Break
15:00 – 15:30

Poster Presentation by Lifescience Dynamics

Navigating neurological disorders: Advancements in biomarker discovery for diagnosis and targeted therapy

Explore the pivotal role of biomarkers in the dynamic landscape of neurology. This informative poster delves into the multifaceted applications of biomarkers, showcasing their potential to revolutionize the diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of disease progression and treatment response in neurology clinical practice.
From unravelling the mysteries of complex neurological disorders to guiding personalized therapeutic decisions, biomarkers offer a transformative lens through which we can understand and address these intricate conditions.

Consultant, Lifescience Dynamics

Vicki is a Consultant with 5+ years in neuroscience research and 3+ years in life science consulting. Her prior research focused on neurotransmitter receptors uncovering molecular mechanisms underlying ion channel function and drug modulation. Vicki has work experience in drug development and business strategies with early-stage biotechnology companies. At Lifescience Dynamics, Vicki has worked and managed multiple projects, including neuroscience, helping clients understand the current and emerging competitive landscapes and assess companies’ clinical development and commercial activities.
Vicki has a PhD in Physiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BSc in Life Science, National Taiwan University

Ketan Amin Photography

Principal, Lifescience Dynamics

Peter is a Principal with 10+ years in biomedical science and 7+ years in the financial services consulting at the Bank of England. He is published in a wide range of scientific fields while at Stanford, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and University College London. At the Bank, Peter led teams responsible for supervising systemically important financial institutions, which involved business model and strategic analysis. At Lifescience Dynamics, Peter has designed and led consulting projects is a wide range of therapy areas, including neurology, to help clients navigate commercial and clinical challenges and implement a successful strategy.
Peter has a BA in Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of California, Berkeley and a PhD Biochemistry, University College London.

Ketan Amin Photography
15:30 – 15:40
Afternoon Refreshments
15:40 – 16:40

Novel therapies for complex neurological disorders: discovery of effective treatments

  • The challenges and opportunities for human IPSCs as a platform for novel target discovery
  • The rise, fall, and resurrection of organoids as a platform for novel target discovery and validation 
  • Emerging platforms for novel target discovery 


Senior Medical Director, Head of Translational Medicine – Neuroscience, Insitro

Portrait picture of Orion Keifer
16:40 17:40

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CNS Therapeutics Xchange | West Coast 2023