Zurich, December 6

Welcome to hubXchange’s Europe Antibody Therapeutics Xchange 2023, bringing together executives from pharma and biotech to address and find solutions to the key issues faced in developing antibody therapeutics, through a series of roundtable discussions.
Discussion topics will cover Target Selection, Lead Identification & Optimization, Formats & Scaffolds, Bi/Multi-Specifics and Emerging Technologies.
Take advantage of this unique highly interactive meeting format designed for maximum engagement and collaboration with your peers.

Please note this is an In-Person meeting.

VENUE DETAILS: Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel, Hohenbuehlstrasse 10 – 8152 Opfikon, Switzerland


  • Computational approach for target selection
  • How to ensure target specificity to avoid unintended interactions with other proteins and molecule
  • Challenging membrane antibody targets: Brainstorming in-parallel in vivo and in vitro methodologies to identify rare and precious functional Ab candidates
  • One size doesn’t fit all: Key considerations for successful therapeutic antibody discovery for various modalities and indications
  • Fc engineering for improved antibody druggability
  • Considerations for CAR-T/ CAR-NK cell binder format designs during screening and selections
  • Developing bispecifics targeting novel targets
  • Immuno-oncology tumour-specific approach through multispecific therapeutics
  • Novel delivery modes for biologics – beyond parenteral administration and beyond classical protein administration
  • Using AI, AlphaFold and ML methods for therapeutics discovery and optimization

Full Xchange Agenda

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Target Selection

Titles and Bullets
8:00 – 8:30
8:30 – 9:00

Opening Address & Keynote Presentation by Nona Biosciences

Building Next-Gen Biologics Leveraging Industry-Leading Fully Human Heavy Chain Only Antibody Platforms

HCAb Harbour Mice of Nona Biosciences is the first fully human heavy chain only antibody (HCAb) transgenic mice platform in history. It is optimized, clinically validated with global patent protection. HCAb Harbour Mice efficiently produces high affinity, and functional HCAbs with excellent biophysical characteristics. Fully human heavy chain only antibodies are the ideal antibody format to generate a multitude of next-generation therapeutic modalities including bispecific/multispecific antibodies, CART, ADC, and mRNA therapy.

Dr. Jiyong Zhang is the Head of Business Development of Nona Biosciences.  Nona Biosciences is a global biotech technology focusing on innovation of antibody therapy. Jiyong has 10+ years’ experience on therapeutic antibody research and bispecific antibody engineering.  Jiyong received his PhD in Pharmacology from Okayama University, Japan, and completed his postdoc training at Brown University, US.  Prior joining Nona, Jiyong has worked at Alexion and Abbvie focusing on antibody discovery, engineering, and bispecific antibody R&D.

Jiyong Zhang
9:05 – 10:05

How to select novel and differentiated antibody targets with causal disease links

  • Are we running out of novel targets?
  • What makes novel targets unique?
  • Do good drug targets need to be disease-causal?
  • Do new antibody modalities really allow us to tackle novel biology?

Dr Joao Arezes is a group leader in the Target Validation and Tractability Department at UCB, where his team develops research on the identification and validation of novel drug targets to fulfill unmet patient needs. He completed his PhD in Basic and Applied Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, followed by a Post Doc at the University of Oxford researching the interaction between iron biology and immunology, and its therapeutic applications. He joined UCB in 2019, as a Senior Scientist in the Bispecific Antibody Discovery group, before joining the New Targets group where he focused on the tractability and management of antibody projects.

Joao Arezes
10:10 – 10:40
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Networking Lunch
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Spotlight Presentation by Wuxi Biologics

New HTP Platforms for Rapid and Cost-Effective Antibody & Protein Production

In the rapidly advancing field of biologics development, there is a significant demand for fast and cost-effective high-throughput (HTP) antibody and protein production. This presentation showcases two innovative HTP antibody and protein production platforms developed by WuXi Biologics’ Protein Sciences Department. The Ultra 96 platform utilizes 96- and 24-DWPs and quickly produces hundreds to thousands of antibodies per run at 100-1,500 µg each. The 7-7-7 produces low endotoxin and aggregates antibodies at 1-100 mg scale. Each platform is tailored to different stages of drug development, accelerating the drug development journey.

Vincent Hua is the Senior Business Development Manager at WuXi Biologics. Mr. Hua has a rich background in the biologics sector with previous senior positions at global biopharmaceutical companies. In these roles, he supported CRO and CDMO services and provided capital equipment solutions within the bioprocess industry. At WuXi Biologics, Mr. Hua focuses on the Central European market, offering early-stage discovery services, including research-grade protein and antibody production as well as antibody discovery, characterization, and optimization. Holding an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management and a Master of Science from Wageningen University, he combines academic insight with practical expertise.

Vincent (Shan) Hua
13:55– 14:25
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15:00 – 15:30
Poster Presentation – Lead Optimization topic by IPA
Diversity, de-risking, down-selection: The value of amplified lead antibody selection
To select the best lead antibody for clinical use, it’s crucial to have a diverse panel of lead candidates. This allows for careful down selection based on both functionality and clinical suitability. At IPA, we utilize a comprehensive range of in silico, in vivo and in vitro technologies to maximize the delivery of personalized programs driven by diversity. This not only accelerates informed decision-making for down-selection but also potentially de-risks the path to the clinic.
Here we highlight our plasma B cell workflow, which rapidly identifies functional antibodies, combined with IPA’s de-risking integrated intelligence technology. This synergistic integration, leveraging both innovative experimental and in silico technologies, allows lead selection with precision and speed

Dr. Ilse Roodink serves as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of ImmunoPrecise Antibodies, supporting the Company’s global research and development teams. Prior to her appointment as CSO, she held different scientific positions at the Company’s Dutch facility in Oss. In her last role as Scientific Director of ImmunoPrecise Europe, she was overseeing contract research project execution and management and was actively involved in the integration of innovative technologies supporting antibody characterization and engineering. Ilse graduated from Radboud University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands with a Master’s degree in Biomedical Health Sciences and a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences.

Ilse headshot
15:30 – 15:40

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